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Be Your Own CIA Using Predata

Springing from the rising demand for meaningful risk assessment by global leaders and businesses, Predata satisfies the aching need for a semblance of assurance in the world stage.

The platform works by monitoring and gathering information through open-source social and collaborative media (tweets, published online articles, etc.) with the use of algorithms and machine learning to create custom-tuned data to help you determine your next move. It extracts metadata indicators such as interest level and intensity of discussion. Subjects include political parties, non-state actors, and points of interest in geopolitics.

It uses an event database proprietary to the service and combines it with machine learning to reveal patterns in conversation activity around relevant and past events. This helps indicate warning periods for “political volatility and civil unrest” around any country or digital conversation of interest. Use cases range from finance to intelligence, and organizations can leverage its powerful data gathering to help formulate their next play.


You can set custom signals to allow for detailed measurements. If you want data on a specific topic or benchmark of interest, the service can create an index for certain types of discussion activity.

Their Predata Volatility Index (PVIX) measures a country’s volatility based on rule sets and generate data on a daily basis through monitoring digital conversations from various social media and collaborative sources written in a particular country’s language.

The service’s analysis platform allows you to use its signal analysis and predictive capabilities. It shows you visualized data through charts, computes correlations, and gives you access to the predictive engine. The platform can be accessed through their website.

Applications for Intelligence

World leaders need statistics to make informed decisions. This service’s intelligence monitoring platform allows analysts to gather data from open-source conversation metadata from social media like twitter, YouTube, comments sections on blogs, and more. This platform also has predictive and analytical capabilities that visualize signals and event sets.

This part of the service can be licensed individually or as deployed software for larger organizations.

One good use case is monitoring popularity for political candidates. In their blog, Predata analyzed data between Trump and Clinton, measuring the disparities in headlines, campaign polls, signals for nationalist movements. From the results, they were able to determine when and therefore why their respective amount of support fluctuates at any given time.

Another scenario, among many others, would be if a government wanted to know the probability of a protest by identifying keywords and points of interest and using Predata.

The system was developed by the Predate founding team which includes CEO Jim Shinn, who served in the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense of the United States.

“The result of our research is the Predata system, combining advanced predictive analytic capabilities, rapid data ingestion and categorization, and intuitive visualization. We discovered that solving this same challenge, with slightly different use cases, was also of significant value to financial trading and global security managers.”

With the system, licensed users will be able to gather data to help with accuracy and identifying global trends without the arduous work of manually gathering data themselves.

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